Diane helped me learn sixth grade math over the summer, so I could move ahead. It has been helpful because if I don’t understand, Diane will teach in a different way. For example, when we were learning rates and proportions, we did it in a more visual way. Diane is always supportive and never negative. (Vivian, 12 years old)

Thank you for teaching me reading and math. We always play games and have fun while we learn. (John, 7 years old)

When my grandson had to come up with a list of ten adjectives for an assignment, he asked what an adjective was. I reminded him that in his lesson with you he learned that <ject> means throw and <ad> means toward and that we throw adjectives at…and he said “oh, yeah, nouns!!” (Nancy B, grandparent)

I want to let you know what a huge difference you are making in Alec’s confidence. He LOVES working with you and is two feet taller after your sessions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we really needed this. ❤ (Amy S. parent)