Services include:

  • Orton Gillingham method
  • Reading comprehension
  • Executive function coaching
  • Handwriting/Cursive
  • Writing
  • Math intervention
  • Structured Word Inquiry
  • Academic assessment
  • Math enrichment
  • Literacy enrichment
  • Evaluation

Tutoring can be done online or in person. We are also comfortable doing individual or small group tutoring (when available.)


We do informal educational educational evaluation/screening for dyslexia/learning difficulties which will give you norm referenced skill levels for your student and advise you on next steps, recommended accommodations and educational choices, whether that is a full evaluation, request for Special Education evaluation or 504 at the school level.

If you need a full evaluation and report, We work with Marlo Thurman at 2e Consulting. Marlo works with us to do a comprehensive evaluation to identify all your child’s needs and recommend the next course of action for success.

Learn more about us and our approach here.